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JDA Consultants provides a range of town planning and urban design services to clients throughout Queensland.


Our expert knowledge and experience  with local and State  Government statutory planning schemes means our team can provide clients in both public and private sectors with expert planning advice and  project guidance. JDA Consultants can assist our clients with obtaining local and State Government planning approvals for a range of developments including subdivisions, multi-unit dwellings, building work and land use changes.


JDA Consultants are ready to work with you to help you achieve your vision.




Click the contact link to send us a message, or for details on how to reach us directly.

Our Planning Experience includes:


>>Feasibility Assessment - initial advice regarding suitability of proposed development, and identification of key planning issues.


>>Master/Structure Planning - detailed solutions regarding the design and purpose of a proposal, in order to meet a wide range of present and future considerations.


>>Development Applications - submission of proposals in a manner designed to maximise benefits to all stakeholders. This includes Impact Assessable Applications and Code Assessable Applications.


>>Submissions/Appeals - support and technical advice regarding mediations, tribunals or court processes.


>>Show cause notices.


>> Providing evidence as an expert witness for  planning disputes in court.

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