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David Town

Associate Surveyor


David has worked at JDA Consultants since 2001. Over the years, David has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience of land surveying. David has conducted surveys in both urban and regional areas of Queensland and has demonstrated strong leadership skills when managing  and conducting field surveys.


Qualifications & History


  • Extensive surveying experience in Queensland.

  • Exceptional client liaison skills.

  • Exceptional project management skills.

  • Has performed a wide range of surveys including subdivisions, lease surveys, building format plans and easement plans

Mark Grayson

Associate Surveyor

Mark Joined JDA Consultants in 2018 and recently completed the Bachelor of Spatial Science degree with third class honours at the University of Southern Queensland.

He has shown to have a great aptitude for surveying and is a great addition to the team

Qualifications & History

  • Has performed a wide range of surveys including subdivisions, volumetric surveys, building format plans, lease surveys and easement plans as well as building set-outs and detail surveys.

  • Good client communication and project management skills.




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