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John de Lacouture is now Qualified under Planning Institute of Australia Registered Planner Program
25th August 2020

Just a quick update to apprise you that John de Lacouture has been qualified as a Registered Planner by the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA).

Good urban and regional planning can only be achieved by good planners – professionals with a broad but particular mix of skills and knowledge not found in other professions.  

It can sometimes be difficult for landowners, investors and developers to readily determine which planners represent excellence and integrity in their profession.

The PIA’s Registered Planner designation is a mechanism to identify and promote high-calibre planners.  The diverse skills and qualities of a planner are highly valued and sought after by employers, governments, clients and the wider community.

This RPIA designation unequivocally demonstrates John de Lacouture of JDA Consultants Pty Ltd competencies and their commitment to professional growth, development and ethical practice.

Our clients will now benefit from our:


  • Proven skills and competencies

  • Access to an expanded network of contacts and subconsultants

  • Recognition for our experience and areas of expertise

  • Industry recognition - both local and international

If you have any questions about the Registered Planner designation or about your town planning needs, please don’t hesitate to call John de Lacouture at 07252377/e:

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